50 Over 50 Project No 30 Lynda

50 Over 50 Project  No  30  Lynda

#50over50project – portraits of 50 women over the age of 50.
No. 30 Lynda
Age: 51

When I met Lynda, I could not believe her age. She looks 20 year younger than her age, I thought.
After the photo soot, when I editing the photos, I was amazed. She does not have very little wrinkles and lines.
I asked her secrets, and she told me about her anti-aging skin care and her treatments. I haven’t tried it but I love to have her treatment soon.
Ladies, if you are on the Gold Coast, book her treatments. Her prices are very reasonable.
She is very supportive, caring and beautiful person inside and out.

Here is what Lynda says;

Hello I am Lynda and I am 51 years young. Been in the beauty industry for 25 years. From modelling when I was younger to working as a Beautician and make up artist. Have traveled and lived in Japan and New York city. Life has been great, have suffered from panic and anxiety attacks from living in New York from September 11. Have managed to get through it to now running my own business in the beauty industry to launching my Anti-aging skin care line and travel kits. Also embracing being 51 and single and being ok with being single. Reaching the 50 mark is exciting as you have made it half way through your life, that’s a achievement many don’t get to make. Love your life as you only get one.

www.eyeonbeauty.com.au – Lynda’s Website
– Facebook page


Hair and makeup by herself Lynda Eye On Beauty GC
Photographer Sumico Photography

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