5 Supplements that Heal Chronic Pain – Heal Pain Naturally, Lower Chronic Inflammation

5 Supplements that Heal Chronic Pain – Heal Pain Naturally, Lower Chronic Inflammation

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Turmeric is an ancient herb that contains “curcuminoids” in it which are highly anti-inflammatory (best taken with Black Pepper to get it into cells). Several studies show it is as powerful as anti-inflammatory drugs – AND it can help your tissues repair whereas most drugs block your body’s ability to heal damaged or inflamed tissues or organs. It is a powerful antioxidant as well – this is helpful for regeneration, repair, and for cleaning up the junk of inflammation. Oxidation leaves a bunch of “fiery” molecules that have an unpaired molecule and so they are highly reactive. Think of them as an acid that destroys whatever they touch. Curcuminoids neutralize them and help get them out of your body. It stimulates your body’s own anti-oxidant enzymes to kick in. Stimulates a special hormone in your brain that rebuilds your brain! Brain derived neurotrophic factor helps you regenerate and replenish a brain that has been affected by inflammation. Lowers the risk of heart disease by helping reduce inflammation and is cardio protective. It can even protect (and might treat) some forms of cancer – especially digestive cancers. Research shows it is GREAT for arthritis pain. Depression is a function of internal imbalance and its GREAT for helping with depression – one study showed it was as good as prozac. Because of this, it’s obviously an anti-aging superfood. Blocks Cox 2 pathway – just like NSAIDS but protects your gut (which NSAIDS destroy)

Boswelia is ancient frankincense and has been used for thousands of years. Great anti inflammatory herb and works perfectly with Curcumin. Instead of the COX 2 inhibition, it inhibits the 5-LOX pathway. This is very special because it really helps with pain and shuts this dangerous enzyme off when its too high. Has huge implications for pain, tissue repair, cancer. 5-Lox makes leukotrienes. Has a powerful effect on some chemicals that when out of balance can ratchet up inflammation – TNF, cytokines, etc. German scientists have demonstrated that boswellia extract is a more potent inhibitor of the enzymes that encourage cancer growth in humans than are certain chemotherapy drugs. May be effective against some forms of leukemia. May be effective against some meningioma cells and tumors. May be effective against prostate cancer. Helps with atherosclerosis. Huge helper for pain and degenerative conditions that are associated with inflammation. Boswelia can reduce back pain.

Bone Broth
Powerful anti inflammatory because of presence of amino acids glycine, proline, and arginine – together these are powerful anti-inflammatory agents, improve blood flow, and help stimulate the body’s self repair through boosting growth hormone. Arginine helps quell inflammation that comes with obesity. Contains the minerals calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur. Has chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate – not anti inflammatory in of themselves but once inflammation has been lowered these help your body repair tissue damage in joints. It effectively helps with leaky gut syndrome which is a major driver of global inflammation. Because of its positive effect on digestive system, reduces food sensitivities which transforms inflammation for many. Glycine also helps us detox our cells, which ios critical for reducing toxins and oxidation which drive inflammation. Has lots of glutathione which is nature’s super anti-oxidant – it also regulates cytokines and helps our DNA express properly. It’s a super supplement as well as a food in of itself.

This herb has been used for thousands of years to help the body work at its optimum. Anti Inflammatory – shuts down inflammatory pathways like an NSAID but instead of wrecking your gut and producing more inflammation in the process it heals and improves digestion. Stimulates a healthy immune response against pathogens that left in the body can create long term chronic inflammation. It can balance insulin and blood sugar, which is tied to inflammation. Can reduce C Reactive Protein. Can lower IL-6 – a powerful inflammatory chemical – in your body. Great for post exercise inflammation.

Bromelain is an enzyme that eats up inflammation and its by products. Very well studies enzyme that comes from food (papaya). May fight some cancers. Respiratory problems like bronchitis and sinusitis. Great for joints and healing from injuries and surgeries. Comes in pineapple and papaya and is delicious to eat and something we recommend as part of the THERMO diet. Great to take every day, especially for general athletic activities. Improves recovery time post workout

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