3 Simple Tips to Stay Young | Anti-Aging Secrets with Judy Gaman

3 Simple Tips to Stay Young | Anti-Aging Secrets with Judy Gaman

We all want to stay young. Feel vibrant. Have tons of energy.

But our bodies keep taking us down the path of aging. Fatigue. Aches and pains. Forgetfulness. That middle-age paunch.

Should we just accept our fate? Or are there ways we can get our health and vitality back?

Judy Gaman has been asking those questions for years.

She’s a health and wellness expert with a degree from the prestigious George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. She’s written two books on aging—”Age to Perfection” and “Stay Young”—and she shares her anti-aging advice on the airwaves on the nationally syndicated Staying Young Show.

In this week’s YBTV interview, she encourages us to get back to the basics. Sleep right, eat right, and stay off the computer.

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