13 Ways to Boost Autophagy Without Fasting

13 Ways to Boost Autophagy Without Fasting

Yes, you can boost autophagy without fasting. Watch this video for 13 foods that get you into autophagy. ▸ [FREE] 🔥E-BOOK: “The Keto Kickstart Guide: 4 Steps to Burning Fat Instead of Sugar” |


There’s amazing health benefits to of autophagy; anti-aging, reducing cancer risk, cellular remodeling, and many others. This video provides you with 13 foods to ear with your keto diet which activate autophagy without fasting.

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00:22 What is autophagy?
00:45 A powerful autophagy analogy, and how this relates to preventing disease
02:20 The 13 foods that boost autophagy
02:24 Coffee
03:00 My favorite coffee beans
03:21 Green Tea, and how the ECGC stimulates autophagy within the liver cells
04:09 Ginger
04:38 Turmeric
05:01 Sulforaphane
05:27 Berberine
06:15 Olive Oil
07:44 Coconuts
08:00 Reishi Mushrooms
08:44 Resveratrol
09:05 Fisetin
09:27 Naringin
09:42 Schisandrin
10:00 The most potent autophagy supplement CELL CLR:
10:38 Bonus Tip: Exercise!
12:26 YouTube comment of the day

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🤓Green Tea This stimulates autophagy specifically in the liver cells. It encourages fat cells to go through autophagy too.

🤓turmeric activates autophagy

🤓Ginger Ginger helps to turn off mTor and cancer cell growth.

🤓Reishi mushrooms





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