12 Testosterone Killers | Habits And Foods That Decrease T Levels

12 Testosterone Killers | Habits And  Foods That Decrease T Levels

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Welcome to another video on our channel. Healthier Than Yesterday. Where it is all about health, beauty, and fitness.

In today’s video, we will be talking about 12 main habits and foods that cause low testosterone levels, and how to prevent them to regulate your hormone levels and boost them, so without further to say, let’s start the countdown.

11. Stress.
We talk about stress a lot whenever we make a testosterone-related video, and that’s because stress is the number one enemy of this hormone.

10. Aging.
As soon as you reach your 30s, testosterone levels start dropping naturally. However, there are always ways to maintain and boost your T levels and

9. Alcohol.
A study in 19 healthy adults showed that consuming 1 to 2 standard alcoholic drinks daily decreased T levels by 6.8% in three weeks.

8. Dairy Products.
In one study, seven men were given dairy milk for 21 days. After the intake of cow milk, serum testosterone levels significantly decreased. Soy products and soy milk have the same effects on serum t levels.

7. Lack of exercise.
Physical exercise is the best way to tell your body you need more testosterone because testosterone is needed to build muscle and burn fat.

6. Consuming pork.
Processed meats, in general, are associated with decreased testosterone levels and sperm count. Pork makes up most of the processed meats industry.

5. Obesity.
It shouldn’t be a surprise that obesity is on the list. The fatter you are, the lower your testosterone levels will be. Obesity doesn’t only affect T levels, but your hormonal balance in general.

4. Insufficient sleep.
Don’t neglect the importance of the amount of sleep you get regularly, try to slowly work on your sleep schedule and fix it to not only keep your testosterone levels balanced, but also to improve your lifestyle and well-being.

3. Simple and processed sugars.
Metabolic syndrome is a window to diabetes that can completely destroy your testosterone production. Replacing simple sugars with whole sugars is a smart thing to do. For example, consume whole grains instead of refined ones.

2. Vitamin D Deficiency.
Lack of vitamin D is tightly linked to reduced T levels. Men with low vitamin D levels are much more likely to have low testosterone levels when compared to men with adequate amounts of the vitamin.

1. Bad underwear.
Wearing tight thick cotton underwear might not be a very good idea. There is an association between overly warm testicles and sperm count which can be caused by tight-fitting underwear.

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