🌟Why You NEED TO KNOW This Miracle Molecule! C60 Might Double Your Life! | CHRIS BURRES

🌟Why You NEED TO KNOW This Miracle Molecule! C60 Might Double Your Life! | CHRIS BURRES

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If you’ve ever wanted to live longer, and FEEL better, then do we have the C60 show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Chris Burres, cofounder of SES Research, and one of the leading experts on C60, particularly in Olive Oil. 

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about one of the coolest new compounds on the block, and how’s it’s anti-oxidant benefits are making it one of the most sought-after products in the world.

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Michael Sandler

Topics Incude:
1. What is the magic molecule?
2. Why is it called a buckey ball?
3. What does Buckminster Fuller and the Epcot Center have to do with the C60 molecule?
4. How did Dr. Smalley discover Buckminster fullerene?
5. Why did he win the Nobel prize, and so quickly?
6. What are some of fullerene’s unique qualities?
7. How is it made?
8. What did researchers in France find when looking at it’s toxicity in 2012?
9. What happened with the rats (poor rats!).
10. What are free radicals?
11. What do free radicals do to the body?
12. How do anti-oxidants help?
13. How powerful is C60 as an anti-oxidant?
14. How does C60 work as an anti-oxidant?
15. Can C60 help with aging?
16. Could C60 end up in sunscreens?
17. Can animals take C60?
18. How much longer could we live?
19. What do we know when looking for a safe source of C60?
20. What do we need to know about solvents?
21. What’s a good dose to start with – and what’s a saturation bottle?

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