【SKIN WHITENING】How to: Get Spotless, Clear, & Porcelain Skin!【色白肌】

【SKIN WHITENING】How to: Get Spotless, Clear, & Porcelain Skin!【色白肌】

【My Favorite Items!】
JP ver. starts at 4:50 | BODY CARE Version:
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▶︎ DHC “White” Sunscreen

▶︎ SHISEIDO White Lucent Sunscreen

▶︎ PRIVACY UV Face Powder (updated ver. that’s even better!)

▶︎ PRIVACY UV Face Mist (spray type)

▶︎ Chasty Brush (I can’t find the portable one, but this is the brand! If I find the same exact one, I’ll update here!)


▶︎ BIORE Aqua UV Rich

▶︎ ALLIE Waterproof Sunscreen

▶︎ ALLIE Whitening Sunscreen

▶︎ NOV UV Shield (for sensitive skin)

▶︎ FASIO UV Spray

▶︎ Japanese Drugstore UV Powder
Bright shade:
Normal shade:


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As always, this video is entirely Directed, Filmed, Edited, Translated, etc. by me. Most of the products were purchased when I was in Japan, but you can easily find them online which I linked above for your reference. Feel free to ask me any questions, and thank you for watching! 🙂


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