Xtend Life: Anti Aging Face Cream

Xtend-Life Anti Aging Face Cream:  Does it Work?

extend life anti aging face creamYou may be wondering if it is truly possible to reduce wrinkles with the Xtend Life  anti aging face cream product line.  As a woman in her mid fifties with a life time spent in the sun, mostly without sunscreen, I am here to tell you emphatically, yes!

August of last year I began my personal testing of the extend life skincare products: the Restorative Night Cream and their Age-defense Active Day Cream.

Because of the cell rejuvenation technology utilized within both of these face creams, and with all the Xtend Life anti aging face cream products, the result on my face, neck and throat areas were nothing short of miraculous.  Or so it seems to me when gazing in the mirror!

Within a short period of time, less than three weeks, my skin looked more radiant, youthful; wrinkles were far less pronounced. Now, I won’t tell you that my wrinkles completely disappeared. But my complexion looks so much better than it did before I began using, what I believe to be, the best skincare products on the market.  I am thrilled with the results.

The second astounding result was that my skin now looks more “uplifted” for lack of a better description.  Graced with my mom’s high cheek bones, once I hit 45, a sallow almost saggy look began to form below my cheek bones.  Now, thanks to what I am certain is due to the extend life face cream, that area of my face looks toned without the taught or tight feeling I’d experienced with temporary facial lift products.

Actually, it wasn’t just me who noticed the results; my husband of 35 years rarely takes notice of details such as how I look. Well, that’s not fair. He may indeed notice but is a man of few words…or praise. But still waters run deep. :) Anyways, about  a month after I had started my anti aging face cream regime, he commented that I looked younger! I almost fell over…ha! I had not told him about the new products from xtend life but he pressed, asking what was I doing different.  Imagine!

If you read the company website all about the philosophy and the research they perform with regards to Xtend Life skin care, I’m confident you will find a remarkable commitment to producing the finest and most effective anti aging face cream products available.  For both women…and men. Visit the site now…and order yours; they offer satisfaction guaranteed on all products.


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  1. rebe says:

    Hey Chris,

    You are absolutely right, not all products work for all so there’s that constant search and purchasing of new products. Tho, I can appreciate your comment, in theory, buying smaller trial or sample sized products doesn’t allow enough time for the skin to respond well to a new product. Some say you should give a skin care product at least 3 months to see the full benefits to the skin; I’ve personally experienced results with the Xtend Life anti aging skin care products in a much shorter time. Gratefully!

    Product jumping, however, can be expensive and maybe a bit wasteful. So I suggest looking for a company that stands behind their anti aging skin care products by offering a refund 100%. Xtend Life does. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and offering your comment, Chris.


  2. chris Schaller says:

    I like to try everything out there. I have tried so many anti eye wrinkle creams and anti wrinkle lotions. some work some dont, but what complicates it is that not every solution works for each person. I have seen consistency in product because of what seems to be a couple specific ingredients. Vitamin C, Eidelweiss extract, Omega3 fatty acids, Coenzyme Q10. Yet there are literally dozens of other ingerdients that people swear behind that just do not work for me. So I guess my point is to find what works for you. Do a lot of sampling first, dont buy the big bottle. Find a sample first, try it, see how it does, move on, find what worked for you and include it in your regimine.

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