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Xtend Life Skin Care Review

Recently I read on another anti aging beauty blog about a woman’s experience with an Xtend Life skin care product. She had ordered the Restorative Night Cream and complained that it didn’t feel anything like  moisturizers she had used in the past. In fact, she said it felt more like a mask than a moisturizing cream.

I remember now my first time applying the same product; my reaction was similar. It did indeed feel different.

One thing I discovered in my first few applications, however, was that of my procedure: previously I would apply my night creams to a still damp face, after cleaning. Out of habit, that is how I applied the Xtend Life Restorative Night Cream.

If you follow the Xtend Life directions to gently massage their Restorative Night Cream into the skin after thoroughly washing and drying, it will feel different.  (Tip: after blot drying I wait a few minutes before applying Xtend Life night cream). My skin did feel a bit tight and almost dry. But I wanted to see results so I continued.

Unlike the blog poster who stated she stopped using the product after her initial trial,  I wanted to thoroughly test the product for a full 30 days before throwing in the towel.  The company recommends using their Age Defense Day Cream in conjunction with and that I did.

Within a week, I was seeing a smoother, more radiant complexion; in fact I was so delighted with the results I had almost forgotten my initial reaction to the difference in how the “night cream” felt on my skin.  But I am so glad I didn’t give up because the results have been, for me, incredible.

If you are interested, you can read my post from Oct. 2009 where I shared my 60 days without the Xtend Life Skin Care products (and the Xtend Life fish oil supplements). Suffice it to say, I won’t run low or out of these products again!

Here is another useful tip: apply the Xtend Life skin care products sparingly. The scientific cell rejuvenation technology employed in the making of this skin care line requires using minimal amounts.  I use my little finger tip to dab a small “dots” on my cheeks, cheek bones, forehead, upper lip, chin, nose and throat. And my 4th fingers to gently massage into the skin, using upward and outward strokes.

Have you tried Xtend Life skin care products…and I mean really tried them? If so, leave a comment; would love to read your Xtend Life skin care review!

~ Rebe

p.s. Many people have emailed me to ask where they can order the Xtend Life skin care products. As an affiliate with Xtend Life, you can do so right here! Click on any of the links (highlighted and underlined) or banners shown here on my blog.

p.p.s. I’ll make it easy: Click Here —>  Xtend Life Skin Care for the skin care Overview page.  Once there, click on any of the “read more” links under any product or,  from the left side navigation bar, both of which will then provide you online shopping/ordering.  And thank you so much for doing so!

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  1. rebe says:

    Thanks c.smith for taking the time to comment on the Xtend Life skincare
    products. I’d bet if there was a survey done, those of us who use their products do become “lifers,” just as you stated. I know I am, too! Thanks again!

    Click on these links for more information on the Xtend-Life skin care and supplements products.

  2. c. smith says:

    I have been using xtend life for a year now and i am going to be a lifer. It feels good absorbs and is not greasy or heavy. Does not melt in the texas heat or humidity. And does not break me out. And it has allbthe ingredients i require like co q10 in addition to their special ingredients. Great products.

  3. monica says:

    I’ve been using the xtend life face wash and day cream and after about 4 days now my skin feels really tight and almost dry, especially around my mouth and cheeks. I’m worried that I may not be getting the moisture I need to prevent wrinkles or maybe I’m too young to be using them in the first place? I’m 30 now, should I stick to a regular moisturizer or is this how the product feels?

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