Newer Xtend Life Products

New Xtend Life Products

 New Products from Xtend Life

Just in case you missed the announcements about the more recent new Xtend Life products, I thought I’d make a quick post to direct you to them. One is related to digestive health, the other is a new skin care product…both relate to balance:

Natural Digestive Help

Back in June I posted about the uncomfortable bloated belly syndrome and the benefits of kiwi.  Release of their most recent dietary supplement, Xtend Life has created  Kiwi-Klenz which provides 100% natural digestive support and balance. Operative key words: natural and balance.

The company website goes into great detail why our digestive tract needs balancing.  And it’s not just for people of a certain age, or people who live in a certain area on the planet. It’s for all of us. Recent news headlines recalling packaged foods due to e-coli after too many people ingested these foods says volumes about the foods being manufactured…but that’s fodder for a different blog post.

One of my readers, Ira, posted his results and noted the additional benefit that the Xtend Life Kiwi-Klenz supplement provided: getting rid of his heartburn in addition to his bloated belly distress.

Take a look at the check list on the description page for Kiwi-Klenz; you may  find more than one item on that list to be a symptom which you are familiar with, in which case you may want to consider making a purchase.

Best Facial Wash

Another newer product from Xtend Life also uses the benefits of kiwi fruit extract, combined with the highly effective Manuka Honey, in their foaming facial cleanser.  I can recite all the benefits of getting your face really clean while restoring the skin’s pH balance but the experience is in the using. I know…I had to stop using soaps and other facial cleaners because they simply dried my skin so badly. And I’d get breakouts…at, ahhhum, 50 years of age!

This facial cleanser is void of chemicals; it feels wonderful upon applying it…and a little goes along way. It has a light, natural scent (no perfumes) and once my face is washed, it feels truly clean and nourished.

As you read about the Xtend Life products for skin care, including the Foaming Facial Cleanser, you’ll learn this was in development for two years. That’s the thing about this company…they do their research!

As if I haven’t droned on enough about the Xtend Life products, I just have to close this post with a reminder that Xtend Life stands behind their products 110%. Their customer service gets 5 stars. They truly are outstanding in their field for anti aging, health and beauty. Learn more about them.  And please…post your experience! I love reading your comments however short or long. :)



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  1. rebe says:

    Xtend-Life skin care and health (supplememts) products are available only online.
    Visit the corporate site for details – on the bottom of the home page, click on
    Shipping Information:

  2. Attie says:

    Is there anywhere in South Africa where i can buy the xtendlife total balance for woman product

  3. rebe says:

    Hi Sylvia – I most certainly did reply to Chanelle’s question (on Sept. 7th); it is listed below. I also contacted XtendLife’s customer service via email and told them of the situation. To help assist her, she needed to provide an order number and other details but to the company – not to me.

    I’m not sure what else you would like to know – every country has their own rules and regulations when it comes to receiving products from other countries. I suggest you contact XtendLife directly and share with them your concerns and questions.

    Don’t shoot the messenger, please. I am an affiliate with XtendLife – it is they who handle orders, shipping, and customer support questions. I am certain you will find the Xtendlife Staff most helpful.
    For assistance please click here and complete their Contact form.


  4. Sylvia says:

    Hi Rebe,

    Why don’t you answer Chanelle from Cape Town’s question? I am also intererted in buying the Xtend Omega 3, and would like to know if this is possible or not. Please dont tell me that you sell online and dliver around the orld. I know tht already.

  5. rebe says:

    Dear Chanelle,

    You need to contact Xtend Life customer service directly regarding your order. Please click
    and provide them your order number. I am sure they will address your situation as best they can in a timely fashion.


  6. Chanelle says:

    Dear Rebe

    Last week I ordered the extend life supplements (premium) for me x 3, also the omega gold for my husband and then 3 bottles of the Fish oil supplements for my boys.
    We live in Cape Town, South Africa and we just received a letter for the post office that custems here has stopped our parcel and have some long story about bringing meds or supplements into the country!
    Please help, i dont know what to do! The omegas available here is horrible. How do i go about for them to release our products?
    Thank you

  7. rebe says:

    The Xtend Life Supplements and skin care products are available only online. They ship worldwide. There are 2 versions of the Total Balance supplement: Regular and Premium. The Premium is a bit more pricey, but includes,

    an extra 2,429 mgs per day…meaning faster and more pronounced benefits such as better DNA repair and more effective support against the aging process


    More information can be found from the company website; they have a great comparison chart that defines the differences between the Standard Total Balance and the Premium Total Balance (TB) for both men, women and children.

    Once you have purchased from their secure site, your order will ship within a day or two from the company’s location in New Zealand.

    Hope this was useful. And thanks for stopping by. Look forward to hearing your results with the Xtend-Life products.


  8. Ilsa says:

    Where in mpumalanga south africa can i buy xtend life total balance

  9. rebe says:

    Hi Rochelle,

    The ONLY place to purchase the XtendLife products is from their website > click here. They ship all over the world.

    I hope you will return to my site and post your experience.

    All the Best,

  10. Rochelle says:

    Where in South Africa can you buy these products?

  11. rebe says:

    Greetings Mike,
    I noticed per your email address that you are located in New Zealand…which is also the location of Xtend Life skin care products. Over the years have noticed so many Kiwi’s who did not know about this local company!

    Sensitive skin is quite common and many positive testimonials have been generated by users of skincare products from Xtend Life with their sensitive skin issues. I would suggest you click here to learn more about skincare for men from Xtend-Life and read to learn more.

    Also available is: XtendLife Q&A page where you can peruse or submit your questions directly to the company. They reply to all in a timely fashion.

    Stop by again, Mike and share your experience.


  12. Mike says:

    Hi, I have very sensitive skin, I’m a 25 year old male, and looking for a daily moisturiser for normal to dry skin. Please can you reccomend and supply full price details in Rands.


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