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Xtend Life Skincare Review: 4 Years Running

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In review of the stats related to my blog here on I realized it has been 4 years that I have been using the Xtend Life skincare and anti aging supplements.

Back in November of last year, with a review of the Best Facial Moisturizer, I kind of went overboard in outlining all the womens skincare and supplements Xtend Life has to offer, stating my use for 3 years.  And somewhere more recently,  I had made reference that it had been 3 years of my personal use with this anti aging health company and their products.  So what?

I have been using the Xtend Life skincare products actually for 4 years. And the “so what?” is a big deal, for me, because, my skin has responded most favorable. Which is why I blog about it.  (see disclaimer)

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There seems to be a tendency for people who care about their skin and how it looks as to purchasing: they either stick with what they have used since age thirteen (a bird-named soap or a -zeema jar) or they jump around trying every new flavor….never allowing the skin to adjust and fully absorb the benefits of any one product.

Although I am no skin expert or doctor I do pay attention to what’s what within this industry. I read other forums, websites, blogs to keep abreast of products, ingredients and companies.

skincare: Xtendlife

Xtend Life Skincare

The bottom line, however, for this aging boomer, is that after 4 years using the Xtend Life skincare line, my skin has dramatically improved. But it is not, I believe, just their skincare products. Per another blog post, their anti-aging products, fish oil supplements to be specific, have improved my over all dry skin condition dramatically. I know, because I’ve done my own testing. :)

Hopefully, people have come to realize that the skincare industry has made giant leaps and bounds in identifying more effective skincare products for all skin types. And Xtend Life is, in my humble opinion, hands down: the best! The company continues to improve upon their products, if needed, with in-house testing of  natural and recent advancements.

A Post Script

If you’re one of those people who think that a person blogging about a product from which they earn a small compensation or commission on is a bad thing…well I don’t know how to address that without offending.  But please know this: I began blogging because of the results from using Xtend Life skincare. And their supplements.  I believe wholeheartedly in the efficacy of the products.

Click to review the Xtend Life skincare overview page from the company website. And check out their 100% guarantee.  Personally, I expect to continue using these particular skincare products forever more.


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  1. Dyke says:

    Your review of Xtend life skin care products is quite sincere Rebe. Xtend life skin care products really do what they promise to do, I have used their products, my sister too and we got very good results. Xtend life is one of the companies I really respect – no unnecessary hype about their products – they tell you what their products can do for you and that is exactly what you get when you buy and use these products.

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