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Best Moisturizer for Aged Skin

Once we reach a certain age, changes in our skin develop and the hunt for the best moisturizer begins. Or so it was with me at around age 5-oh!  Little tell-tale signs began to show: diminished glow, dryness and the inevitable on-set of fine wrinkles.

But what constitutes the best moisturizer or skincare for women 50 plus?  In my my opinion, and that of most dermatologists and skin care professionals, everyone’s skin reacts differently to skin care products.  That which works well for one person may not work well for another. So, it comes down to trying a variety of them.

During my more youthful days, I jumped from product to product. At that point in life concern for moisturizers that would reduce signs of aging was non-existent. I never thought twice about aging skin, but was rather immersed in the experience of shopping for skin care products in fancy department stores or sweet skincare boutiques. I was drawn to shiny pretty products displayed on glistening glass shelves so elegantly; products that would provide any amount of moisturizing.

In truth, I was a skin care product junkie…spending too much money for fancy packaging with little regard really for the quality of ingredients. If the skincare product looked good, smelled good and didn’t cause rashes or breakouts, I’d at least finish using the product until time to go shopping for something new!

How many times have we heard, youth is wasted on the young?   It certainly makes sense to those of us who have garnered a fair amount of wisdom over a longer life time.  But for me, it wasn’t until the ripe age of 50 that I started paying attention to what I was smearing, plastering, smothering onto my skin.

Best Moisturizer Product Found

best moisturizer: xtend life

Xtend Life

Once I began researching skin care ingredients and learned about the processing and minimal requirements of listing ingredients on skin care packages, the harmful ingredients used, the lack of transparency of how a product is made, I became rather obsessive.  Thus began the hunt not only for the best moisturizer but a complete line of skin care products of a higher standard of quality.

A little less than four ago I found my best moisturizer, two in fact: women’s restorative night cream and day cream for women.  The company is plastered all over my blog here because quite frankly my dear, I believe it to be one of the finest skin care product manufacturers available. All that said, you will have to test for your own results.  I’d love to hear your comments. Click to learn more about Xtend Life here.



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