Best Face Wash

Best in Class for Best Face Wash?

Best Face Wash

Best Face Wash

As it is with many over-the-counter skin care products, including branded names, the best face wash is one that is made from natural ingredients and that will not strip your skin of its pH.

It used to be that after washing my face with a well known brand, my skin felt vise-like tight and super dry. To counteract that effect I’d apply a toner followed by a moisturizer.  My skin, however, never really felt clean. But habits are hard to break. Eventually I switched to using a natural soap which seemed to eliminate the tightness but still my face felt dry…and I continued to reach for the toner and moisturizer.

So what if the pH of our skin is off? First we have to understand that one of the skin’s most important roles is that of our immune defence system, keeping bacterias out of our system. So, when the pH is out of whack, we tend to see skin breakouts or worse.  The pH defines the acidity of the skin.

Did you know that the average adult pH should be between 4.5 to 5.5? A baby typically has a pH of 7, so it stands that pH levels lessen as we age. And what we use on our skin also affects the pH levels.

Xtend Life: Best Face Wash

The XtendLife company in New Zealand released their new Foaming Facial Cleaner product last July (2011) and in my first three days of using it, my skin felt much better…and really clean. It produced a foamy, lightly fresh scent without any greasy or heavy residual.  After about 10 days my skin looked brighter. I’ll continue with this product for long term to determine its effectiveness over time.

Although there was a bit of concern for one of the ingredients in their facial wash, I have come to trust XtendLife and their reasons for including it. A little science mixed with natural ingredients, (Manuka Honey, Kiwi fruit extract) if the product provides excellent results, is not going to turn me away from it. Bottom line, because of my personal results with XtendLife cleanser, this is the best face wash.

Xtend Life Guarantee

Perfect for both men and women; go ahead and try this best face wash. It works really well with the Xtend Life anti aging skin care products. If any of their products fail to make a big difference in your skin or you are unhappy with the results, you have up to 6 months to return it for a full refund. The company stands behind their products.  ‘Nuff said. :)

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